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Hostel Rules
All instructions regarding hostel rules are given in detail to the boys and they are to abide by the same strictly.



1. Hostel charges are to be deposited in advance as per schedule given.
2. Student's school fee will be drawn from the personal account every month/quarter. Late fee at the rate of Rs.10/per day will be charged if dues are not deposited in time.
3. All personal expenses incurred on the child regarding books, stationery, dress, medicine, school fee, examination fee etc. along with the pocket expenses will be debited to personal money account. Quarterly statement of this account will be sent to the parents.
4. Educational tour is compulsory for all hostellers. The expense of which will be debited to the personal account.
5. Guardians/Parents may come to meet their wards only with the permission of the Principal on 2nd Sundays of every month. Parents should avoid frequent visits.

6. Hostel charges include lodging & boarding with two nourishing meals, breakfast, refreshment, evening snacks and milk at the night or in breakfast.
7. Parents are supposed to take their child from the school at the time of long vacation. If parents do not come to take their child on the specified date. Children are sent to their homes with escort. All expenses including TA & DA of the escort are chargeable from the student's personal account.
8. Free private/extra tuition facility is provided to hostellers.
9. A minimum balance of Rs. 1000/- is to be maintained in the personal account of the child.
10. If a child is withdrawn from the hostel or is expelled on account of some default, no deposited money except security and personal balance will be refunded. Refundable amount will only be paid in the last month of the year i.e March.
11. Hostellers are allowed to visit the town and the city bazaar only with the permission of Principal.
12. Home leave to the hostellers is granted in very rare cases and only by the permission of Director/Principal. The guardian must come personally to take the child from the hostel. The child won't be allowed to go home without escort. But during examination period the child may not be permitted to leave hostel in any case.
13. School will not be responsible for students who go out of the school without permission of the warden/Principal. This action of the student will be considered as violation of hostel rule and will result in expulsion from the hostel.
14. No electronic gadgets, mobile phones, cards, magazines or any expensive items are allowed to be kept in the hostel. The school reserves the right to confiscate the item and even destroy it.
15. Hostel fee once deposited will not be refunded in any case, even if child does not stay in hostel for a single day.
16. Hostel fees will be deposited in two installments 1st installment will be paid at the time of admission and second before 10th of October.

Kit for Hostel Students:-
1. Suitcase
2. Black leather schoes (01Pair)
3. White PT Shoe
4. Sports Shoes
5. Under weards
6. Vests
7. Towel Bath Size
8. Hand Towels
9. Blanket
10. Bucket, Mug, Comb, Mirror, Soap Case, Tooth Paste, Shoe Brush, Hair oil, Soap, Talcum Powder, Nail Cutter, Etc.

Parents are requested to see the students admitted in the Hostel do bring the above articles with them at the time of their first joining. The item short will be supplied by the School and the payment will be remitted from the personal account of the child.
Hostellers will wear white kurta pyjama on ceremonial meals or parties. Day scholars may also be desired to wear white kurta pyjayama on ceremonial community meals or other functions.

CBSE Affiliation Code. No: 3430287
School affiliated upto Std 12th

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